ProAs 1.3

AMASIS is an integrated solution to support the technical activity of an airline, offered by IFR France, . Today over 70 airlines use it. ProA is a Windows add-on for AMASIS, adding new functionalities and providing a more flexible and friendlier data access. It is used by TAROM to manage its hangar and line maintenance activity .


Competitive applications have at heart the customer’s prospective in addressing processes and offering solutions.


Initially ProAS was designed as an add-on to AMASIS, now an Airbus integrated package solution to manage maintenance technical processes (,51 ). The current ProAS 1.3 is compatible to the last AMASIS 9.22 version but some ProAS modules can be used autonomous.


ProAS is a client server, Internet enable solution.


AMASIS builds its outstanding strength on wide ranging collection and elaborate processing of data all across Airline Technical Operations. When fulfilling its functions AMASIS is expected to deliver the information tailored to individual customer particular processes and needs e.g. line maintenance, engineering or heavy maintenance.


The missing AMASIS functionalities were added by ProAS, targeting mainly the Line Maintenance expert support for a MCC (Maintenance Control Center) and Heavy Maintenance check production management and many others. That is where ProAS may step-in and make a difference, as the proposed version offers enhanced capability by new functions to AMASIS with regard to:



  • Maintenance Planning and Control

AMASIS is currently focusing on work package creation and administration all along its accomplishment, based on MS requirements and due targets. AMASIS follows job cards accomplishment in execution, including work orders following findings. However, the planning and timely control of various tasks and operations and their associated resources both human and material fall outside its current capability. But that is where the maintenance management needs to have mechanisms and information in support of planning for and tracing the execution of work and in making on spot informed decisions. Such support requires before the work starts and during its execution:


  • task phasing
  • resources assignment and loading
  • resources utilization
  • detailed accomplishment status
  • accomplishment control
  • accomplishment statistics


  • Line Maintenance

Resorting to innovative technology, ProAS 1.3 widens the view and integrates information in support of in-field decision making.


  • Enhanced utility on existing data:
  1. Hil Management (deferred defects)
  2. Briefing Cards management
  3. Fluids Management
  4. Delays Management
  5. Components Management
  • New utility collecting additional data:
  1. Re-occurring defects management
  2. Defects analysis


  • Shift Log Management:
  1. Tasks (routine, nonroutine, etc)

2     Multimedia (images, movies, pdf, etc) attached to any TASK context

3     Part Number/Serial Number Installed/Removed

4     Hold Item List management, including automatic deadlines warning,

5     Parts required to Line Maintenance process

6     Delay management

  • Expert support :
    1. Tech Log activity sincronization to Shift Log activity
    2. Reoccurring defect complet management integrating Tech Log and Shift Log information
    3. Personal Experience Log management


  • Engineering Support


Maintenance Schedule amendments proposals are supported based on History Links between checks findings (work orders) and MS items.


  • Report Designer  

The ProAS 1.3 future version will provide many new enhancements, among AMASIS implementation support.

Shell Window

Line Maintenance TechnLog / ShiftLog

Heavy Maintenance


Expert Suport

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